Yamaha rz350 restoration

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Talking Shop. Honda MB50 Honda MT Honda SL KTMaha Supermoto. Hints and Tips. About 2Smoked. Friends of 2Smoked. For Sale : Honda Parts. The same team that brought you those gems has now worked its magic on a small corner of the two stroke motorcycle scene! To kick off we have:. Get comfy before you start reading! Bikes for sale - Nothing right now, but keep checking back, you never know! Some have asked This website was created to collate and showcase the motorcycle build and restoration work done by Jon Wallis but also some of the articles written about those bikes too.

Who am I? My name is Jon Wallis and you can find out more about me at JonWallis.Powered by a cc parallel-twin, the 6-speed bike had a first-of-its-kind two-stage catalytic converter in each muffler in order to pass the EPA sniff-tests.

The bike was ahead of its time in other ways, too: common on modern sportbikes, the RZ had a cutting-edge for its time perimeter-style frame, as well as an electronically-controlled variable exhaust port system.

The RZ remains a beautiful machine even today — it was created as a tribute to Yamaha factory racer Kenny Roberts. This particular bike has decals of Roberts' signature on each side of its fairing. Cycle World road tested the Yamaha when it was released and stated that, "it became an everyday occurrence to be swarmed by curious people whenever we parked the RZ.

If good looks could kill, the RZ would be the atomic bomb of motorcycles. The RZ is one of the great forebears of the modern sportbike, now common but in its time a revelation; a tool specific to straightening out twisties and granting the rider the thrill of pure controlled speed. Marbles Motors acquired this complete RZ in need of restoration. They completely disassembled and rebuilt the engine, refreshed and replaced all electronics as needed, overhauled the brake system, cleaned and rebuilt the carburetors using new needles and jets and tuned the bike to the currently-fitted Spec II expansion chambers, though included in the sale are the OEM exhaust pipes in good fettle.

Source: Bonhams. Home Yamaha Articles Motorcycle History. By : Kate Murphy. A beautiful classic in traditional Yamaha Speed Block livery could be yours. Commenting Guidelines. Sign In or Sign Up.From an Arai press release.

Arai Helmet, Inc. Many roadracing champions will tell you that training in the dirt has helped them immensely in becoming the best rider they can be. The drastically reduced grip in the dirt makes a rider feel more comfortable on the street when one or both tires start slipping.

Yamaha fans expecting to hear big news from the Tuning Fork brand at Intermot may be a bit disappointed the Cologne show only brought us a refreshed XJR, the MT Moto Cage stunt variant and a futuristic three-wheeled concept model. Following the success of its MT platform, Yamaha says it will continue to develop new models based on shared platforms, allowing for a choice of multiple models while reducing overall costs. This just in from the Yamaha Champions Riding School. These filters are distributed to the U.

Yamaha RZ Motorcycles. There are a lot of new parts and most of work is done. The bike runs. I do have video of it running, but am unable to download it from my FB page.

I have another RZ and just need some shop space. I have too many projects. This bike has a clean Vermont transferrable registration in my name Vermont doesn't title vehicles over 15 years old It doesn't leak. The bike is currently winterized and stored.

Feel free to contact me by text anytime. I can be reached at This bike is also for sale locally and this auction is subject to end at any time, for any reason. Feel free to set an appointment to inspect the bike for yourself.

I will share this information with the winning bidder, as needed. This bike is in Museum quality condition. Paint on entire bike is original and in like new condition. Great Runner new tires battery and brakes. Priced to sell. We buy vintage motorcycles, parts and collections! This bike is a Canadian import. The RZ did not come the the US until Up for auction is my Yamaha RZ As as you can see from the photos, it's the Kenny Roberts edition.

I have owned it for almost 3 years. You are bidding on a Yamaha RZ It's a great restoration candidate for someone who wants a true stocker. I purchased this bike 6 months ago, with restoration in mind.


I already have another RZ, and just have too many projects. I've owned this bike for about 6 months now, and it has just sat in my shop.Mar Strangely, the first models were supplied without a thermostat in the cooling system and many were retrofitted as they ran too cool, even in Australia.

The YPVS consisted of a microprocessor-controlled servo-motor, which in turn controlled a spool-shaped exhaust port valve that allowed continually variable port timing.

But if that all sounds too technical it simply means that Yamaha had found a way of extracting more power from the engine at peak revs without losing any low-down grunt. This was truly performance for the masses, but power is nothing without control so Yamaha gave the new bike a perimeter frame and updated suspension to tame the odd bucking stallions in its motor. A perimeter frame and updated suspension ensured the RZ had the chassis to match the powerplant.

The cognoscenti reckon the build quality of the Brazilian models was inferior to the Japanese-built ones. Richard bought this bike inspending four months in his shed rebuilding what was an original, if somewhat abused example.

He cites many sources of info that helped him with this, his first, resto but most of all the small but highly knowledgeable core of Australian two-stroke nutters. What a great job…. Funnily enough, he told me that while on his honeymoon he grabbed a magazine and saw a K-model RZ featured in it, that obviously laid the seed of an idea that ended up in the machine you see here.

Planning starts during the honeymoon! On closer inspection when it arrived, however, it was obvious that this RZ would need a fair bit of work. Off came the one-piece head to reveal one piston was 1mm oversize whilst the other was stock. What a dodgy job! Among other things, this spurred Richard on to do the job properly. First was a new crank sourced from the States, which turned out cheaper than rebuilding the original. Wossner forged pistons were fitted along with new billet power-valves and fibre reeds from TSS in Queensland remember them?

All the engine work was carried out by Deet at RGV Spares, whom Richard reckons is a magician and potty about strokers. It was a mild but nice upgrade to the two-cylinder motor.

yamaha rz350 restoration

The bottom-end was also rebuilt where required.Subscribe to News Subscribe to Comments. All the seals looked good and no leaking, seeping or other problems. Now we are ready to start reassembly. We start by reassembling the swingarm and rear linkage. All the bearings and bushings were cleaned and re-greased. Assembling the swingarm, shock and linkage. The steering head bearing were badly dimpled and notchy so I installed a set of tapered bearings.

Corroded brake disc bolts and severely dimpled steering head bearing race. Now its time to install the engine, wiring harness, exhaust, etc. It goes a lot faster in the pictures than it did in real life! I took lots of time to check and make sure everything fit properly and had the right clearances. I cleaned the wiring harness with purple power cleaner and the plugs with brake clean spray and they came out looking almost brand new.

Lots of time and old toothbrushes! All the stripes were measured with a caliper so they could be reproduced accurately. Before I started all the body work, I measured all the stripes and distances between the various colors so I could accurately reproduce the original paint scheme. On the original panels, the bike is a mix of paint and decals. Most of the red was real paint but the blue stripes were vinyl and a lot of the pearl white between the colors was vinyl.

I measured the tank stripes, side panel stripes and logo decals with a caliper and sent the dimensions off to my friend at Tapeworks Graphics in North Carolina. The original blue is not a metallic but I wanted a little more pop so I picked a color that matches the original but has a fine pearl in it.

He made the decals for me and I went to work installing them…. This was especially hard on the gas tank since i had a pretty thick vinyl stripe that needed to make several compound curves. Corroded brake disc bolts and severely dimpled steering head bearing race tapered roller bearing for the steering head.

Rolling Frame. Motor installed super clean wiring and electronics Trying to get the pipes to fit properly… with the pipes and mufflers. In white epoxy primer. RZ tank with red and white painted on.

Yamaha Rz350 For Sale

Tail with red and white…. Blue Yamaha RZ graphics. Blue stripe on side panel…. RZ tank side view…. Quick Search Search for:.April 7, 3 Comments. Forza Motorsports is a dealer of high-end exotic cars and motorcycles in Gaylordsville, and Van Deusen wondered how the company had heard that he owned such a collectible bike.

yamaha rz350 restoration

He bought it new in when he was in the U. Army stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado. When he got shipped to Germany, the RZ went with him. Yamaha only sold the RZ in the U.

Street legal two-stroke bikes vanished with the emergence of emission standards. Another story involving the RZ happened closer to home. What interested him in the bike originally was the fact that it bears Kenny Roberts signature on the fairing.

The RZ is an eye-catcher, whether parked or on the road. The longer that Van Deusen holds on to it, the more valuable it becomes, too. You can bet that an eager collector would no doubt pay much, much more. It has original miles and should arrive from California sometime this week. Great fun bikes, I had one for a couple of years. Pipes, milled head,Boysons reeds. On my should have never sold list. Been riding over 30yrs and have great appreciation for classic motorcycles,the, for memorylon.

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1983 Yamaha RZ350K Restoration

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I placed the old cylinders that came with the bike in the spares box as I had already decided to rebuild this bike as a TSS supplied the cylinders, pistons and also a set of their billet powervalves. Once the cylinders had been rebored to fit the new pistons, I started cleaning them up and painted them with VHT gloss black, the whole engine will be that colour. After the paintwork I fitted the PVs and all the seals.

During the stripping process I was left with some sub assemblies I could clean up when I wanted to do something other than the messy job of dismantling. With that in mind I cleaned some parts so I could then put them in a box for when the rebuild started. I noticed that the oil tank was a bit rattly and lo-n-behold inside I found a nozzle from a silicone sealer tube!

I then started the transmission strip and inside it was in good condition with no real wear on anything but the kickstart idler gear, which is normal on these engines. This is the original engine for this bike, it has matching numbers frame and engine ; a feature that is coveted by collectors. While this engine has suffered a crank failure big end it was otherwise it reasonable condition with no case damage, a working stator, easily removed rotor etc.

All rare in a bike which has been used and abused like this one had been. Some good news at last! I had already cleaned up the lower case halves and also cleaned and painted the upper case as well as matching the ports from the cylinders to the case better than they were.

This sort of thing is one of the typical problems with a mass produced engine, and as the has smaller transfers so the case parts are less of an issue than with theso of course no one had ever tidied up the ports sizes on these cases. To ensure longevity I installed the longer TSS shift shaft bush, the TSS clutch arm bearing and a new seal and the set about putting in the shift drum along with the uprated bearings and the shift arms and Wicked's ShiftPro.

Dropped in the gear clusters with TSS uprated bearings after sorting out the little jobs you have to do with aftermarket bearings like this, i. I fitted a brand new standard crank, which I believe is from Vito's. I oiled all the bearings, fitted the new seals the correct way round!

yamaha rz350 restoration

After a final clean up of the case joint faces with contact cleaner I dabbed or there would be too much and it would ooze out the sides on some ThreeBond sealant and fitted the bolts and nuts and torqued the lot up Next to be fitted was the neutral switch plate and a few other little bits n bobs.

A quick and gentle test revealed that the gears meshed well when using the shifter and everything rotated smoothly, including the crank.

So this far everything seemed to be in good shape. Always nice when that happens. With the engine nigh on complete and with a view of putting some more sub assemblies in boxes, I looked at the switchgear. I felt that there was not much point repairing the scrapes where the indicator switch slides across the body as it will only do the same again. That damage is shame as it's poor design that causes it as the switch slides over the paint.

He suggested that it is lifted it right up so you get a good up-change, as 'no one ever moaned about missing a downshift', how true Next to go on was the kick start assembly.

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