Write five sentences about zoo in english

This website uses cookies to ensure you redmi note 3 the best experience. Learn more Got it! I don't know where we'll find a place to do our thing; this joint is like a zoo with honking horns and either back-fires or gunshots! Here some remains of Cyclopean masonry exist; but the area enclosed, about zoo yds. I'm curious about zoo animals, but I'm not going to walk into the cage with a tiger.

We were both inmates in his zoo in Hell long enough to know how charming he was. The line was to be constructed in sections of zoo kilometres m. She felt like she was at the zoostanding in front of the cage of a hungry lion. It was after their return from the Zoo in Tulsa that they had their first fight — such as it was. Today, however, he was more interested in seeing Sasha and hearing about the human than amusing the zoo creatures. At this time, too, about zoo fugitive immigrant families from Santo Domingo greatly augmented its industrial importance.

It was of about tons burden, and in company with the "Speedwell" sailed from Southampton on the 5th of Augustthe two having on board Pilgrims. After two trials the "Speedwell" was pronounced unseaworthy, and the "Mayflower" sailed alone from Plymouth, England, on the 6th of September with the zoo or passengers, some 41 of whom on the lzth of November o.

Liliaceae is one of the larger orders of flowering plants containing about species in zoo genera; it is of world-wide distribution.

The actual current required to work the instrument is 3. In Sasha's zoohe was at the bottom of the food chain of the otherworldly collection of creatures. Restless, he rose and paced again, wondering why Sasha needed an ancient healer in his zooa place where creatures came to suffer.

He paced again, wondering why Sasha would put a human in his zoounless this was the worst human in the world. Zoo York is streetwear meant to represent a pocket of society that often goes unnoticed while blending together several cultures and vibes at once. The width of Liberia inland varies very considerably; it is greatest, about zoo m.

Finally a fifth depression, which descends below the level of the ocean, extends for more than zoo m. From his cold features to his controlled, efficient movement, to the low, commanding tone, there was no doubt he belonged in the predators' wing of the zoo. This was no longer the intimidating woman of the morning—instead a child day-tripping to the zoo. Humans don't come here unless they're dead, and even then, only a couple make it onto our supermax zoo.

It's how I could visit you when you were in Sasha's zoo ," Gabe explained. The secret portal is in Death's palace. Up to too words per minute the signals are easily readable, but beyond that speed they are more difficult to translate, although experts can read them when received at zoo words per minute.

The length of the Euphrates from its source at Diadin to the sea is about m. He was sent with a fleet of zoo ships to Sicilian waters, and almost without opposition occupied the harbours of Lilybaeum and Drepanum. There are over zoo schools, with an average attendance exceeding io, The data are not numerous and distinct enough to settle the question beyond determining general limits: for reasons given above the book can hardly have been composed before about zoo B.

Probably also, its different parts are of different dates. The local diet is composed of zoo members, of which the archbishop of Olmiitz and the bishop of Briinn are members ex officio. At the north end this hill rises on the east side precipitously to a height of nearly zoo ft.

The first hint of the employment of the dog in the pursuit of other animals is given by Oppian in his Cynegetica, who attributes it to Pollux about zoo years after the promulgation of the Levitical law.

In about two hours the t2 Prussian battalions and 3 batteries found themselves assailed by upwards of 40 Austrian battalions and zoo guns, and against such swarms of enemies each man felt that retreat from the wood across the open meant annihilation. It forms crystalline needles soluble in alkalis, chloroform and Zoo parts of water.India is a country of Asia. It is at the center of South Asia. India has more than 1.

write five sentences about zoo in english

It is also the most populous democracy in the world. India has seven neighbours: Pakistan in the north-west, China and Nepal in the north, Bhutan and Bangladesh in the north-east, Myanmar in the east and Sri Lankaan island, in the south. The capital of India is New Delhi. India is a peninsulabound by the Indian Ocean in the south, the Arabian Sea on the west and Bay of Bengal in the east.

India's economy became the world's fastest growing in the G20 developing nations in the last quarter ofreplacing the People's Republic of China. India has the fourth largest number of spoken languages per country in the world, only behind Papua New GuineaIndonesiaand Nigeria. The first three religions came from the Indian subcontinent along with Jainism.

The National emblem of India shows four lions standing back-to-back. The lions symbolise power, pride, confidence, and courage bravery. The name India comes from the Greek word, Indus. This came from the word sindhuwhich in time turned into Hind or Hindi or Hindu.

write five sentences about zoo in english

The preferred native name or endonym is "Bharat" in Hindi and other Indian languages as contrasted with names from outsiders. Some of the national symbols are:.

Two of the main classical languages of the world Tamil language and Sanskrit language were born in India. Both of these languages are more than years old.

how to make five sentences about elephant(animal)?

It made most of South Asia into one whole country. The influence of Cholas are still well noticeable in SE Asia. Many dynasties ruled India around the year Some of these were the MughalVijayanagaraand the Maratha empires.A person who works with elephants is called a mahout. He will gladly sit on an elephant, but will never let an elephant sit on him. Elephants are large animals. They are known for their long trunks. Elephants are found in Asia and Africa.

Life really is wonderful and great. I could care less about the things that want to stop me from my dreams. I could really use some help sometimes. I am really hungry for a chicken right now. My worst habit is being scared and annoyed easily. Answer Save. E-ma Lv 7.

write five sentences about zoo in english

An elephant is large. Elephants have large tusks. Elephants have big ears. Some elephants come from Africa. Some elephants come from India. Elephants have trunks. Elephants Like to swim. Elephants eat grass. Elephants are the largest animal on land. An elephant never forgets. Elephants show as much concern for their family as humans do.

Elephants are so large that the word elephantine is used to describe any large thing. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Laura Lv 4. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Everybody waits for the holidays.

Elders wait for getting relief from the job, while students wait to have a trip for some interesting and entertaining spots. A Zoo is probably the first place that a kid or child would like to visit during his holidays or vacations. What is the Zoo? What are its uses? Let's learn all about it through the sets of 10 lines that we have prepared and provided below. The zoo is for the recreational purpose where a person can go with his family and watch animals felling wildlife beauty because everyone can't go to the jungle.

Nowadays, many sanctuaries and animal safaris have also come up. They take you in between those animals and provide the feel of jungle and wildlife. Being a graduate in Conflict Management and Development, he is a creative writer, writing blogs and articles for 5 years for online web portals.

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Short Paragraph for kids on a visit to a zoo

Next Story 10 Lines on Television. Shirshendra Sinha Being a graduate in Conflict Management and Development, he is a creative writer, writing blogs and articles for 5 years for online web portals. Related articles 10 Lines on Holi 10 Lines.

All rights reserved.A zoo provides a home to many species of animals and birds all of which live together in harmony. Many years ago, animals in a zoo were kept in cages and people would view them from inside their cages.

Most zoos try to provide animals with surroundings that closely resemble their natural habitat. Many zoos aim to make visitors view the behaviors and interactions of various animals kept in the zoo. The main aim of keeping animals in a zoo, besides allowing people to visit and view them is to ensure their survival and preventing them from becoming extinct. Zoos aim to protect the most endangered species against various forms of dangers such as poaching. Many of the endangered species successfully bred in the zoo are later re- introduced to their natural environment to continue their reproduction and survival.

Paragraph on Zoo (364 Words)

Many of the species that would have become extinct are successfully protected and later introduced to the wild. A visit to the zoo will allow you the chance to see many species of animals and birds. There are over one hundred of species and visiting the zoo will give you a chance to view some of them. There are many zoos all over the world and if you wish to learn of the various types of animals and birds in existence you should visit as many as you can.

Animals in the zoos are securely enclosed in their environment and cannot harm visitors. Most zoos have some set rules on how visitors should behave while in the zoo.

This includes not feeding the animals or jumping over the fenced enclosure. Everyone should follow these rules failure to which can turn dangerous to not visitors but the animals.

Zoos help educate people of the importance of preservation. They also help scientists carry out various studies that are aimed to improve the lives of the animals by understanding them better. People visiting the zoo especially students learn a lot about different types of animals and birds.Which detail from Heart of Darkness shows the ineffectiveness of the colonizers. What is the answer to this logical question pumara ako sumakay ako umupo ako sumandal ako bumaba ako anong dala ko?

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Asked in Animal Life Top 5 wild animals? Tigers, Lions, Bears, Wolves, Whale. Asked in Example Sentences Swan write 5 sentence on a swan? I love swans they are fisty. The 5 most dangerous animals of the US are moose, grizzly bear, racoons and poisnous snakes.

Asked in Textbooks How do you write a compound sentence using the word textbook? My classroom has 5 textbooks. Asked in Japan What are 5 human characteristics of Japan? Wild, pasion for art, pasion for animals, friendly, and kind. Asked in Marathi Write 5 sentences about lion -trasalate in marathi? Marathi sentence about lion. There are many animals that were introduced by the Europeans. Five of these animals are the red fox, the brown rat, the feral horse, the wild boar, and the brown hare.

Asked in Example Sentences How do you write a sentence with excitement? Asked in Essays What are 5 different opening sentence? Nobody can write opening sentences but you! An opening sentence is just the first part of your essay, and you have to figure that out for yourself. Only you know what you want to write about.

If someone writes what they think is an interesting sentence, it won't be a good one for you. Asked in Numbers How do you write a number sentence that 75 using 7 and 5 and 6 and 3? Asked in Poetry, Haiku How do you write a haiku poem about cars?

First to make a haiku you have to come up with a 5 syllable sentence then the next line is 7 syllables finally the last line is 5 syllables. You could say or your first sentence " I drive a nice car.

Asked in Animal Life, Grasslands What are 5 animals in a savanna? African elephants, African wild dogs, black mambas snakeslions, and koala bears : ].Ask a Question. Essay Topic: Zoo. Most of us enjoy watching different kinds of animals in the zoo.

We are so amazed in looking and observing them. However we should consider if the zoo is beneficial ti people or harmful to animals. Keepin the animals in the zoo has its benefits to people. We appreciate mor watching animals in variety compared as to looking at them in television. We can take a close look of how they look like for real. We are so curious how they behave, move and make sounds to communicate to their own species and to people as well.

In addition, zoo is utilized fro eduactional purposes such as field trips. Children are usually involved in this kind of activity to learn more about the animal kingdom. They will have the opportunity to see a variety of animals in different shapes and forms. Children will know their role in the environment.

Another use of the zoo is to keep wild animals from harming and killing people. Groups of animals can be seen in the forest and wandering in woods which can be very dangerous for people to come close to them. On the other hand, there are some unfavorable us eof the zoo to animals.

When animals stay in the zoo, people are dpriving them of freedom to live in a normal life in the forests and fields. Animals should stay in their normal habitat. We have the responsibilities to protect, nurture and preserving them in our environment.

Despite the fact that there are some disadvantages of having a zoo. I firmly believe that we still benefit more form it. Without the zoo observing the animals in real life is limited. I will apreciate those people who will proof read my essay. Please let me know if there are errors. If you still have any idea from this essay, I will be glad to know. Do you have a question about this? The correct version is Do zoos have a purpose?

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