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Scalar energy or Torsion Fields are both terms referring to vibrational physics at work in the very big and very small. Waves are everywhere in the universe and the primary method for transmitting information materially, mentally and spiritually. Scalar Energy in particular arrises out of the mingling of 2 or more systems of motion, governed by wave mechanics. Our bodies in particular are tuned to the environment using wave forms of various types.

Electromagnetism is foundational to the material universe, and all dynamic systems are made possible through this type of energy. Heat, light, sound, chemistry, biology ad infinitum — are all governed by this all encompassing aspect of electromagnetism. The coming shift in the solar system and its resulting consciousness expanding effects on Earth are made possible by a process of synchronization or entrainment of information. Electromagnetism provides the medium through which these highly organized energies affect all things.

The frequencies used in modern technology are the same ones used by our bodies. As a result, we are swimming in what some have called electrosmog, which wreaks havoc on our health. Here is the setup Julian and I have been using: Earthing Kit. The best way to retune the body is to get away from all forms of modern technology and ground by physically making contact with the Earth in a place of high magnetic coherence; in nature.

Modern day science is just catching up with ancient wisdom and rediscovering it as zero point energy. Maxwell was a mathematical genius whose work led to the development of quantum physics. It took one Nikola Tesla, who was born in Yugoslavia around to demonstrate the existence of this form energy.

Tesla referred to this energy as standing energy or universal waves. Albert Einstein and Otto Stern acknowledged the existence of this form of energy and made due reference to Scalar Energy in the s.

Nikola Tesla is generally considered the father of scalar electromagnetics.

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They were not even the first. Tesla even invented and was building a machine to create and distribute free energy when J. Morgan, the oil tycoon who was backing him, discovered what he was doing and put an end to the project. The properties of Scalar Energy include them being non-linear and non-Hertzian. This energy form has the capacity to carry information.

It also does not decay with the passing of time or distance. Scalar Energy cannot be measured by contemporary frequency instruments as it is depicted to be without frequency. This energy form is static, a stationary form of energy. When two similar frequencies coming from opposite directions meet, they cancel each other out.

This results in a stationary energy form. The traditional understanding of energy is that it flows out in the form of waves. However, Scalar Energy does not radiate as waves but expands outward in circles of energy. Occupying space, this spatial mass is not a vacuum but comprises a field of energy systems that is alive. This vibrant and dynamic energy field radiates a network of harmoniously balanced energies.

Scalar energy can be created naturally. It is always existent in the universe. By applying the conditions required, Scalar Energy can be created artificially. When 2 waves come in contact, such that they create a static field of energy, this is called a standing wave — standing because it appears motionless, but is actually a interference pattern created by at least 2 wave forms forming a self organized oscillation; a Scalar Wave.

Here is a visual representation:. Here there are 2 waves moving towards each other yellow and thin white lines in the above animation. The intersection of the peeks and valleys of these waves produces the up and down motion of the 3rd so called Scalar Wave or Energy. Scalar quantities have magnitude, but no direction; like heat and sound.This page is dedicated to the actively powered devices that are capable of producing scalar waves.

If you are interested in what scalar waves are and how they work please this page. We have designed several devices that work in conjunction with modern technology, sacred geometries and principles used by Nikola Tesla and Georges Lakhovsky. The orgone charger is a simple yet effective scalar wave device that is primarily meant to replenish orgone energy discs with fresh energy and remove any possible negative fields that the orgone energy discs can accumulate during their use.

Chargers have an integrated amplifier, Tesla's bifilar coil and a tesseract sacred geometry aetheric pump. The on-board amplifier can be connected to a computer or any other compatible audio source via a 3.

This makes them extremely versatile since you have the liberty to determine the frequencies fed into the orgone energy disc. These frequencies are the Earth's natural resonance and will thus work well with all orgone energy discs that contain healing crystals. There is also an LED power indicator on the charger. This LED indicator will display the power of the scalar wave emission. Orgone chargers as manifestation tools. These devices are not limited only to recharging orgone energy disc, they can also be used as manifestation tools.

In order to perform wish manifestation, a paper with text or a photo related to the wish in question should be placed on the tesseract while the charger is powered on.

With wish manifestation, you can also use different types of audio signals that are related to the wish in question.

For example, music or recorded speech will work well. In order to increase the effectiveness of manifestation, we recommend the scalar wave charger is used during meditation. A focused mind exposed to scalar wave field can make miracles. How to use an orgone charger? Using chargers is as simple as it gets from the technical perspective. Each charger comes with an included 3.

The batteries are not included in the set but are standard and can be easily obtained anywhere in the world. The bifilar coil amplifier module is an electronic board that can be connected to a computer or other compatible device via 3. The amplifier serves as an intermediary between frequency source and bifilar Tesla coil. In a simple term, it amplifies the signal coming in via the audio cable and transmits it into the standalone bifilar coil module.

This increases the potency and strength of the generated scalar wave field. The amplifier module has 4 main parts that are depicted in this illustration.Wilhelm Reich is credited with coming up with the name "Orgone Energy".

Thomas Galen Hieronymus independently encountered the same energy and named it Eloptic energy because it also had certain electrical properties and optical properties. This energy was not "discovered" by Dr. Reich or Dr. The pyramids around the world have been found to be rather large radiators of this energy and were used centuries ago to support agriculture, livestock health, and human health. So, out of respect for the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and Dr. This energy is scalar energy. Orgone energy is scalar energy on four different rates.

Orgone Energy is Scalar Energy: There are four kinds of Orgone Energy and they each have their own scalar energy rates which can be measured with a Radionics Analyzer.

They are listed along with the rates below. Normally DOR is found in the ground. When it settles out of the air it is seen as a greyish or blackish powder on the sides of trees or buildings. The grayish or blackish DOR when it has settled out of the air is known as Orite and Brownite that are forms of Orgone Energy that has not been able to get back into the earth. You can actually see the DOR that settles out on buildings or trees or rocks. Remember, DOR is found in the ground. A man named Wilhelm Reich invented a device called a cloud buster.

It would wipe the DOR out of the air. You simply point the end of the tube at an area in the sky that reads high in DOR, or at a building or tree that is high in Orite or Brownite. When you move the gun off the object the Positive Orgone Energy builds up in the area. No matter where we go, we are surrounded by a scalar energy field. Scalar energy has a characteristic where it flows from areas of lower energy levels to higher energy levels.

When scalar energy flows through a crystal, the intensity of the scalar energy is amplified many times. Many people make Organite and Orgone accumulators. Their Organite devices look like ours, but those devices tend to be dangerous when they are near DOR. The DOR is attracted to their devices and is run through crystals and amplified and can be quite harmful. Our energy devices have been programed not to attract in DOR and they do not run DOR energy through the crystals in our energy devices.

Our devices cannot attract, amplify, and radiate out DOR scalar energy. People who use our devices find that our devices increase their General Vitality levels. Think of these devices as a trickle charger on the health status of all biological life.

We have measured batteries and have found high levels of DOR scalar energy present in all batteries. We have measured solar pannels, wind powered electrical generators, natural gas electrical generators, waste powered electical generators, hydro-electric dams electrical generators, and nueclear power electric generators and found DOR intensity levels at 10, in every single one of over electrical power stations spread coast to coast in the USA.

That intensity goes to every home and business wired up for electrical power. There have been numerous studies on EMF emissions at all frequencies that are harming people.Scalar energy is considered, by the relatively and shockingly few who know it exists, as potentially the greatest discovery in the history of science.

The subject of scalar ties intimately into quantum mechanics and quantum field theory. Every EM wave has a component called the transverse wave, and another component called the longitudinal scalar wave. Transverse waves are the part of the EMF that can be measured by meters, because they exist fully in 3-space three-dimensional space and are easily measurable. The term transverse refers to the up-and-down, oscillating motion of this wave moving through 3D space.

They are also called Hertzian waves, and produce measurable frequencies. Transverse waves are what are currently being used in electricity and telecommunications, since they were more easily detectable and quantifiable to early scientists and electrical engineers. The longitudinal scalar component of the EM wave does not exist normally in 3-space.

A Review on the Health Benefits of Scalar Energy

It moves along the axis of time itself, the 4 th dimension. This sounds mysterious and may be hard to understand without delving deeply into quantum mechanics, but time is considered to be simply compressed energy, compressed by the factor of the speed of light squared. Scalar waves are superluminal, which means they move faster than the speed of light, because they are unbounded by the limitations of 3D space.

They are not limited or blocked by physical obstructions in space, like transverse EM waves are. The scalar component of an electromagnetic field is about 5 times stronger than the transverse component. For example, if your EMF meter picks up milligauss, this is just a reading of the transverse wave that emits a measurable frequency, and the invisible scalar component will be around milligauss! Although scalar fields cannot be detected by a standard meter, they are readily picked up by living organisms.

All living things produce their own scalar energy called bio-scalarand are sensitive to scalar energy in their environment. The Earth is constantly producing a variety of ever-changing scalar fields, which our bodies have evolved with.

Their healing and constructive effects, or destructive effects, depends on how they are produced, exactly what information is being carried by the scalar component, and the coherent or incoherent fields that can be used for either harmonizing or destructive purposes. His first equations describing electric and magnetic fields also accounted for a scalar component.

His linking of electricity and magnetism in his equations formed the basis of modern physics, and also presented the theoretical possibility of scalar energy. Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor, physicist, electrical engineer, and the inventor of radio and the alternating current ACaccidentally rediscovered scalar waves while experimenting with violently abrupt direct current DC electrical charges. ByTesla had developed transmitters to move scalar energy back and forth while bypassing time and space with no need for wires, as it would simply materialize from one place to another through hyperspace.

Unfortunately, he never received funding to continue his research to develop scalar technology enough to replace current forms of electricity. It is widely believed that Tesla never received funding because his discoveries were a threat to the profits of the huge energy industries of the time. The implications of continuing to develop scalar field theory and its practical applications could dramatically change the course of the world and society.

Possibilities for the beneficial use of scalar energy include:. Every electromagnetic field has a scalar component, which carries the information this particular field is generating.

As stated earlier, the scalar component is 5 times more powerful than the physical frequency transverse component. This is the power your outlets, appliances and wires in your home generate.

It is a steady, pulsed 60 Hz at all times, with no variance. Over time, with the hammer, the spot being hit is going to break down. The measurable, transverse wave of the EMF is only a small part of the problem.

There are many products that are advertised to block EMFs, and therefore keep you safe. These products include Faraday cages, special types of metallic paint, pendants, pyramids, and more. These studies focus on the wrong problem — the physical frequency itself. Nothing will block that, not even the thickest Faraday cage you can find. The only studies that can prove that a device actually protects you from the harmful effects of EMFs would be solely focused on the results on living organisms — measuring changes in their health and vitality.

Scalar carrier waves are a key component to the effectiveness of Blushield devices. The microprocessor in Blushield delivers a complex multiple waveform algorithm of frequencies on a scalar carrier wave, which are modeled after the known patterns of nature, including the Phi ratio and Fibonacci as well as complex mathematical equations that never stimulate the body with the same combination of frequencies twice.What is the QuWave Energizer?

The energy created specifically rejuvenates molecular structures in all liquids and foods. The Scalar Energy spins into the liquid, where the liquid "picks up" the Chi resonance.

The resonance generated is similar to that which is found in the earth surrounding many healing spring waters of the world and in the rain forest. The unit sends out a special energy signal to whatever items are place on top of it, essentially delivering Scalar energy with a Schumann Resonance.

This is the Chi or Orgone energy which gets embedded into objects energized with the unit. It is capable of restructuring water molecules into smaller clusters. Water energized by the QuWave carries subtle energy vibrations that enhance the body's Biofield, increase energy, reduce inflammation, and enhance immune functions.

Not only can you use it with water, it also works with foods, vitamins, supplements, and even jewelry. Most people notice amazing results in less then one week, days on the average, and some in only hours!

scalar wave orgone

This is a revolutionary new technology! How does the QuWave Energizer work? Simply place your food, water, medicine, etc. The change happens within a few minutes, however, the longer you keep it on, the more intense and deeper the change is.

scalar wave orgone

We recommend minutes for optimum results. The average filtered water contains life force of about units of "general vitality life force value". Use the water to drink, cook, for your pet, and even for plants.

Customers have reported wonders using energized water. When normal water is energized with scalar energy, the process of water memory transfer allows the beneficial Chi energy to be transferred.

The result is a highly potentialized Living Water. You might notice small things begin to change, you get a higher clarity in your life as your body begins to detoxify. It helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body. When any liquid is energized with the QuWave, the molecular structure of that liquid is reformed to a peak condition. Place a glass of water on top of the QuWave Energizer for several minutes, take a drink, and feel the difference in your energy.

These results are presented as Kirlian photographs which can be viewed by clicking here: "Kirlian Photographs Page". It also works on jewelry like pendants and bracelets to turn them into Quantum Scalar Energized jewelry that will radiate Chi Energy. QuWave Energizer now available in two models:. The standard "Tabletop Model" QWE1 is designed to be placed on your counter or table where you place the objects to be energized on top of the unit this is described above.

The new "Fixed Model" is designed to be mounted permanently on either a water pipe, or on a water filter anywhere in your house as shown in photos on left. The fixed Model is designed for permanent installations.

scalar wave orgone

This is mounted with either double sided tape, or tie-wraps both supplied. Mechanically, this model is same size as the QuWave Home Harmonizer, except that the operating frequency of the unit has been altered to provide maximum results with water molecules. This works ideal for Water filters. It is perfect to use with reverse-osmosis water filters, or whole house water filters.Discussion in ' Science and Technology ' started by jaredfelixAug 11, Log in or Sign up.

Hip Forums. Not much on the web about this, and Ive researched all I can and am preparing to make my own devices. Does anyone have any input they care to add anything?

For instance would adding petrified wood increase orgone production? Or is all the organic material replaced with minerals or are the minerals also organic? Im loving some of this new technology Never heard of it. Looked up orgone. Doesn't sound like science to me. On orgone there is some info on the web. I know it was W. Reich that coined the term. I know Tesla worked with scalar waves.

Sensei mmakes the most powerful products sold today Orgone and scalar dont fit in to reg. There is some kind of energy there tho.

Scalar Energy and EMF – What You Need To Know

Tesla and Reich knew what they were doing. Then there is Joe's carit ran on some kind of orgone energy. Debunked pseudoscience, not science.

And with tesla, plenty of geniuses get things wrong. Tesla believed in aether, remember? I don't think you can say these things have absolutely no effect. They've been observed time after time to cause people to reach into their pockets and hand over money. AmontilladoAug 13, Many of the orgone accumlators form a kind of capacitor. I think there trapping some kind of energy.After many experiments, he proposed that an etheric bio-energetic life force existed that animated our environment.

Orgone Scalar Pendant ( new ) Even More Powerful - Proof !!! - Zero Point Energy - Orgonite

Reich built various orgone devices such as the Orgone Accumulator Box composed of alternating layers of wool and metal which accumulated and infused a patient with a high concentration of orgone energy. Faster healing, increased plant growth, and positive effects on cancer were noted.

It consisted of an array of metal pipes and tubing connected to water, the energetics of which he claimed could draw orgone energy to the ground producing rain. Wilhelm Reich died broke and destitute in while in prison for violating FDA regulations — a fate similar to many other visionaries like Nikola Tesla and Royal Raymond Rife. While Wilhelm Reich did not live to see the internet age, his Orgone theory is very relevant to our electrified environment today. Cell phones and wifi have become part of modern life and the amount of digital frequencies broadcast into the air — and our bodies — increases daily.

The trend is only accelerating with new conveniences such as the Apple Watch are putting transmitters directly on our bodies! And with the information explosion, the level of artificial frequencies in our environment show no signs of slowing down.

Some documented health effects of EMF pollution:. Following international plans for 'Smart Grids', local Power companies have introduced electronic smart meters in many neighborhoods, which emit intense RF radiation equal to cell phones. Its common to see clusters of smart meters on apartment complexes with no regard to human health. If you feel chronic fatigue, have difficulty thinking after a long day at work, or suffer from insomnia you may be a victim of electronic pollution.

Its a simple combination of resin, metal and quartz crystal balances the electrical signals around the body and restores harmony in our environment. While Wilhelm Reich himself did not use the modern orgone composite material — his Orgone theory was key in the development of the modern Orgonite movement. It seems almost too simple, that a combination of resin, metal, and quartz crystal could be the answer to restoring our health and environment — but over two decades the reports have been consistently positive.

Some commonly reported effects of Orgone Pyramids:. It still impresses me to this day the number of clients who report the same positive effects without me mentioning them it beforehand. The positive benefits of Orgone Energy Pyramids are overwhelming, the big question is how does it work? I have identified several aspects that contribute to the orgone energy effect:. Scalar fields are healing for the human body as they structure electromagnetic hertzian waves to be more coherent and less scattered.

In Orgonite, the metal particles in the resin matrix act as the metal surfaces in the Casimir experiment — and the activation of scalar waves comes from the EMF pollution in our environment! Using sound as a similar example, you can listen to good sound system all night, but if the audio signals are distorted, you'll quickly develop ear fatigue.

The same is true with your bio-energetic field, incoherent electrical signals lead to 'computer fatigue', headaches and lack of good sleep. A basic property of Quartz Crystal is its ability to focus, direct, and amplify energy and also its reliability as an oscillator.

Quartz not only amplifies orgone energy, but itself adds to the coherence and balancing energy of orgonite matrix. Another aspect of quartz crystal, is the piezo-electric effect which is activated as the orgonite resin shrinks during casting Quartz Crystals under pressure produce an electrical charge. This constant activation is thought to add to the energetics of orgonite. They found that, similar to the Casmir effect, energy is produced in a vacuum from the tips of pyramids energy from nothing, the ether.

Pyramids are also noted for amplifying and transmitting energy, like an antenna or speaker cone. Thus all materials cast into pyramid geometry not only benefit from orgone energetics but pyramid energy as well. Orgone Energy Tools are not only physically and energetically liberating, they are mentally liberating as well.

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