Miniature highland cattle for sale near me

Although most Highlands would be considered a "Mid-Miniature" size breed Over 43" at 3 years of age Miniature Highland cattle under 42" at 3 years of age are one of the most popular of the miniature breeds of cattle and good miniatures are still quite rare.

miniature highland cattle for sale near me

Over the years we have worked hard to not only continue to select for these traits, but to reduce the size of our fold by the use of a very small Highland bull. At the same time, we have also accumulated one of the largest Dexter herds in the United States. Although rare now, some Dexters carry a gene called "Chondrodysplasia" which is a dwarf gene.

We introduced this gene into the purebred Highlands, and then selected the offspring of these parings and used it again with the purebred Highlands to increase the percentage of Highland traits while retaining the dwarf gene.

The bull above is the ultimate product of this combination of Dexter and Highland, although there are very few Dexter traits left over from the multiple generations of breeding back to purebred Highlands. This has been a slow process, but the bull is virtually identical to a purebred Highland now, with the exception of the dwarf gene.

This bull will never exceed 40", although most Highland bulls will range from " in height at maturity. Alongside this breeding program, we have been breeding purebred Highlands together in order to reduce the size without the Dexter chondro gene. Skip to content Although most Highlands would be considered a "Mid-Miniature" size breed Over 43" at 3 years of age Miniature Highland cattle under 42" at 3 years of age are one of the most popular of the miniature breeds of cattle and good miniatures are still quite rare.These cows are expecting calves calves.

Let us know if you are especially interested in any of these up-and-coming babies. We will be retaining all of the short legged heifer calves sired by Hank. Gloria, Gloria is just starting to get an udder. As a heifer, it'll be hard to tell when she will calve. She is starting to look a bit heavy bred, but the calf could be very small. We expect this calf to be very small with a ton of hair.

This calf could be orange, mahogany, or cream; brindle is possible. Jenna, no udder yet, just starting to look heavy bred. This calf could be mahogany or orange.

Brindle is possible.

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Berneseno udder yet, just starting to look heavy bred. This calf could be black, dun, orange, or mahogany. Bred to Hank, this calf could be black, dun or orange. Bred to Hank, this calf could be black, dun, or orange. Duns are my favorite color of Highland. They can throw 6 of 7 colors everything except for mahogany reddepending on the color they are bred to. Ainsley weighed in at 38 pounds and was 23" tall. Ainsley can be weaned in November or put on a bottle for super socializing at any time.

Ayla is SOLD. Born June 4,she is out of Puppy, sired by Hank. Paisley is a naturally curious and docile little girl out of one of our sweetest lines of Highlands.

Weighing in at 30 pounds at birth, was just as tiny as she was adorable. Paisley sold immediately after birth, but when Hailey had a silver heifer just a few weeks later, the buyers asked to purchase the silver instead since silvers are so very rareso Paisley is up for sale again.

Paisley has been dehorned. Born June 14,she is out of Lindsay, sired by Hank. Lauren is a naturally docile calf with a very easy going temperament. Lauren is out of our smallest foundation cow, Lindsay. We expect this little girl to be one of our smallest non-chondro calves sired by Hank. Born June 12,Rosa is out of Hailey, sired by Hank.

Rosa is a very sweet calf with a wonderful calm temperament. Rosa is on a bottle and will be sold as a bottle baby for super socializing. Born March 18,Lola is out of Jade, sired by Thor.

She is, however, our largest foundation stock cow. Measuring in at 46" now, Jade is a big girl as compared to the rest of our mini Highland cows. Born June 26,Simon is out of Sabrina, sired by Hank.

Simon is the largest "mini" Highland calf born on our farm in a long time, weighing in at 45 pounds and 23" tall, we don't expect him to remain a full miniature his entire life. Born June 11,Lizette is out of Lassie, sired by Hank. This little girl is just about as cute and tiny as we can make them. We have retained Lizette for our breeding program.Miniature Cattle and Hair Sheep.

The Wyatt Ranch. We have a few calves available a year. Croix blooded hair sheep. Excellent as pets, pasture mowers and to butcher.

Commercial type cross for high production, and are worm and disease resistant. Lambs are available once or twice a year. They all are off great ewes and have sweet dispositions. Perfect sheep for homesteaders and even 4-H. Contact me to see if we have any available. WHY mini cattle? The cost to grow crops has gotten to the point that livestock anymore seems to be for the rich and famous.

miniature highland cattle for sale near me

Fertilizer prices have increased some much that farms can't hardly get it in their fields. That of course has driven hay to a all time crazy high making prices higher than anyone ever imagined. Corn, soybean and byproduct components have also reached amazing heights.

What does this all mean? It is going to cost us more to feed our livestock in the future. This is a main reason that smaller livestock such as miniature cattle have found a home here in the United States.

The average mature miniature cow weighs between and pounds which is far smaller than standard sized cattle. Almost all miniature cattle breeds have a more docile nature and even most mature bulls are friendly enough to work around. It is easy for small children to feed the calves due to their extremely smaller size. If halter broke even a child can handle most adult cows and lead them around. There are several miniature cattle dairy breeds that give the same quality milk as modern dairy cows just smaller amounts.

Miniature Jerseys and Dexter's breeds are examples that have high components in their milk and make great family milk cows. Lots of families want home fresh milk just squeezed from the teat instead of milk from the store which may have added hormones and sometimes BST.

Lots of family's have tried Goats milk but prefer cow milk but just can't afford to feed a standard sized cow or even have the land size to keep such a animal.We are happy that you have decided to adopt a Cow. Cow adoption is a wonderful way to provide a Cow a second chance and caring environment. Most pets arrive at shelters because the owner had to move, could no longer afford the pet, had a death in the family, or simply gave up the responsibly of being a care taker for a Cow.

Before bringing home a Cow, make sure you have considered the full impact of your decision. Below is a brief overview of the type of needs a Cow might require and what you will need to consider for the life time care of a Cow. Part of that responsibility is taking time to understand the basic needs of a Cow.

At the top of that list should be getting know the diet of a Cow. Find out how often and what a Cow needs to eat. Next, what shelter do you need to provide? Get to know what habitat a Cow is accustom to, what temperature will the Cow need to maintain, and what range of temperatures are acceptable for a Cow to survive.

For example, can you handle a Cow. What is an indicator if a Cow is being aggressive and senses fear? Some pets will maintain much more happiness as long as they live socially, does a Cow need a companion pet in order to live happily? What exercise does a Cow need regularly?

Cow adoption can be an enriching experience, and is a big decision. Whatever pet you adopt will demand certain lifestyle changes, and a financial commitment. Estimating the monthly costs of owning a pet is just as important as making sure you have the time and motivation to feed the Cow when necessary, and provide a safe environment to live.

If you have contact info for a shelter in one of these places that does not have pets posted with us, please e-mail us and we'll contact them. Missouri St. Our mission and passion is to help get homeless pets out of the shelters and into loving homes.Site sponsored by:.

All semen shipped and stored in Nitrogen tank. Bulls available include: Gir, Hereford, Jersey,Angus. Call or Text Ryan at Tel: Our Charolais are h We ship in and out of the country.

Get throug The cows are on pastures that are free of pesticides and herbicides for over 50 years. Sired by a son of Tour of Duty, these bulls are bred to be gent She would be a great homestead prospect as she has a muscular frame and good milk lines.

She was born August 22 on our farm and sh Please text or email me for more info. Located at Waynesville IL. Pictures of the calves are two of his many offspring Our fluffy cows are the cutest cows with their Please call instead of emailing Black, some polled, some dehorned.

All can be registered. Parents were DNA tested negative for chrondo PM me if you are interested. The larger two heifers have also been dehorned Good nurse cow. Sound feet and udders. Calved unassisted without complication.

The cows are all bred to Mr.

miniature highland cattle for sale near me

If you are interested please contact animal sales Guessing lbs each. Unable to deliver These animals are solid with great temperments. Most of them have their 2nd calf on their side. The last picture is of the sire to the All under 6yrs old. Bred to Angus bulls. Big cows.

Sired by Total out of a really nice Seaman daughter. The dam is a unclassified Numero uno. Dam is fresh again and will see the classifier.

3 Reasons to Raise Scottish Highland Cows

Priced at 3, O We have a herd of of jerseys and jersey crosses.Phone: Email: info minicattle. If you are a Miniature Cattle breeder who wishes to have your breeding facility listed here please forward your contact information, breeds you manage and hopefully a few photographs to info minicattle.

Arkansas, U. California, U. Colorado, U. Connecticut, U. Florida, U.


Illinois, U. Iowa, U. Kansas, U. Minnesota, U. Missouri, U. Nebraska, U. North Carolina, U. Ohio, U. Oregon, U. Tennessee, U. Texas, U. Washington, U. Wisconsin, U. Click on the images above to view a slideshow. Box 22 Fiddletown, CA www.The meat from this breed is almost as famous as their distinctive look of long wavy hair and straight horns. From Scotland, these hardy cattle are capable of surviving harsh conditions. Their coat is actually double layered, made up of the long outer layer and a downy undercoat insulates them from extreme temperatures and the elements.

A dual purpose breed, used for both milk and meat, produce a meat that is tenderer than other beef with less cholesterol with more iron and protein. This rugged and hearty breed are ideal as organic or grass-fed beef production. They are suited for smaller farms or acreages, requiring a third less food than the standard Highland cattle. On lower food amounts these cattle marble naturally and produce a lean high quality and low-fat beef.

For breeding, being the cutest of the miniature breeds, they have strong mothering instincts and calve easily.

Dystocia is very uncommon and they can produce well into their teens. Weighing between pounds, they produce enough meat for a family of four for half a year. Only an acre is required for a pair and they are easier on pastures and fences.


Mini Highland cattle are good browsers making them good for clearing brush and bramble. Follow this page as we build our herd, offer calves for sale, or have meat for purchase. Thanks for visiting!

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