Female birth fanfiction

Remember, if stuff having to do with pregnancy and birth isn't your thing, you might want to skip this chapter, like you did the previous two. The main story will be continuing after this. I assume you mean Sirius and Barbara actually doing the deed, as opposed to the process going on inside Barbara considering fertilization can actually happen up to five days after the couple has sex. Since this story is rated T, I can't do it in this story.

But I could do a one-shot rated M. Black," said Nurse Sara. I haven't even reached middle age! They both had to shut up then, though, because that was when Nurse Sara walked back into the room, holding a strange little device. It looked sort of like the cordless telephone Sirius had back at his London flat upon first glance, except it had wires and strange little white pads attached.

Sirius rolled his eyes. He did want those thirty-five pounds, but he would've seen this douchenozzle suffer for nothing. Jason was just annoying. To begin with, labor starts with something called Early Labor. When you're in early labor, you don't need to go to the hospital or Birthing Center until you've moved onto active labor.

If you're giving birth at home, you can call the midwife, but she doesn't need to come to your house just yet. She looked as unwashed as he did. For those of you who are not giving birth at home, early labor is a good time to get your things packed.

Once the pains became longer, stronger and more frequent, you may be in active labor. They will contract your muscles, imitating the pains felt during childbirth. Do you still want to continue?While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. People have been asking for one for awhile, so I thought I'd start it Ppl can comment with suggestions. I'd recommend reading the first story--or at least the tags--for background.

Under the desperation of saving his brother from the vampires, Min Yoongi sang the song which was uncalled by his heart, The Anthem of Primrose. It was a song of the unknown.

Only those whose hearts were connected could sing them. With those, Min Yoongi escorted Seokjin into his rebirth.

FP is the closest thing Betty has for a father, since the day she was born the man promised her he would look out for her, after her father's dead. But now Betty is older, and FP doesn't like looking how her little girl becomes a woman who doesnt' need him anymore. Eric was too young to remember the war, the plague, the way they lived before hubris and hatred crashed the population, killing off nearly every woman and, with them, any hope for a future.

Eric was too young to remember his mother, or anyone's mother; he was an Endgame Child, born in the final hours of the old world.

He was part of the final generation. At least, until the genetic apocalypse began to mutate, creating within a few men the ability to carry a child. What should be seen as holy salvation was, instead, a commodity for a desperate world, and to most, Changing was synonymous with Death.

female birth fanfiction

Towers rise with souls in their woes. The people cry is there someone? Rescued from their previous Dom, two subs join of a new world with two kings. But are they like the previous dom that treated them nothing like dirt? Or are they very different from the dom that they had?

Guess again, jested fate. Shortly before their second wedding anniversary Magnus and Alec get the biggest surprise of their lives when they find out that the warlock is with child. With the support of friends and family they navigate through the intense ups and downs of an unexpected pregnancy. And the only thing they know to expect for sure anymore is that their lives will be forever changed.

A story of seven men who's destinies are intertwined. A story of alphas and omegas, of love and pain, of joy and hopelessness. Both were two peas in a pod, making their way through Hogwarts with their heads held high and their voices silent. With the Dark Mark on his arm and insight into how Hogwarts was going to be run from now on, Minho and Lana have a plan of making things better. However, steering away from anything Potter puts his name on it seems unlikely.

There was absolutely no way he was an omega! With all the trouble he's caused, he couldn't be. So to see him smiling mockingly after being caught at him, he knew he was challenging him to do something knowing that there wasn't much he could do.

It was a challenge, no less So as the two shook hands to seal their agreement, he knew what he was going to be doing. I love Lindsey and Jamia and I respect that they have children too. Fairly fluffy despite the tags, which you should definitely read.I'm trying something new so here goes.

It was dark. Only a small yellow dim light shone above the blood soaked bed, sitting in the center of the room. One man was patiently waiting for his work to be done. He stroked his long black hair and grinned from ear to ear when he saw the vial of blood empty into the surgical hose.

It flowed downward, and entered into the intended target's body and it was no more. In the center of the bed, sedated heavily into unconsciousness, was a girl. Her long blonde hair was caked with dried blood and her face was caked with sweat, even though she was heavily sedated.

Suddenly the unconscious blonde opened her eyes, her tiny frame cocooned in red faint light, and she let out an ear piercing scream. Just as it came, it ended, and she fell back onto the bed, and was out cold once more. The man ran over to check the readings and meters, and the graphs the machines printed out. He frowned. He proceeded to produce a sharp scalpel and held it close to the young girl's throat.

As he was about to run it across the tender skin, a hand stopped him. He turned his head slightly, and smiled at the newcomer.

The man, now revealed as the most powerful of the legendary Sannin, just laughed. Then he disappeared in a swirl of leaves, leaving the unconscious blonde and the old man alone. He sighed, and released the long black staff he was holding. It poofed out of existence and changed into large ape with white fur and a Konoha headband around its forehead.

He sighed sadly and began to unplug the various devices plugged and stuck into her tiny frame. He stroked her long blonde hair and proceeded to carry her out of the dim room. The ape nodded and poofed out of existence. The old man sighed and made his way to the hospital, not before placing a powerful illusionary spell on the blonde.

A blonde boy was running as fast as he can, dodging amateurishly left and right as the drunken mob of civilians and shinobi alike pellet him with weapons and various things. His breath was coming is gasps, his legs were sore and tired from running, but for the sake of life, he dare not to slow down even a little bit. Threads of sweat cover his face, falling onto his eyes, stinging it and forcing him to blink.

They were gaining on him, slowly but surely. It won't be long now. The peoples were still chasing him, still throwing things at him. It was at this moment; one of the more experienced ninja jumped up and hurled a handful of shuriken into the air, aimed at the blonde child.

He screamed as one of the sharp metal weapons dug deep into his calf, sending him into a crashing halt. The mob gathered around him now, slowly circling him as they cracked their knuckles and readiest their fists and weapons.

He knew not to cry out, not to give in to their torture no matter what they did, for if he were to give in, the consequences would be dire for him. As an added bonus, he would not give them the satisfaction of watching him squirm as they plummet him to the ground. Better to die with dignity and pride, then to live and give them the satisfaction that they had him at their mercy, begged for his life.

Deep in the shadows, a masked man spied on the mob and their actions. He quickly disappeared in a swirl of leaves. Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Third Hokage, was a tired old man. He had hoped to retire, but since the Fourth had died in battle, there had been no suitable candidates to succeed him. He was, at this moment, dealing with the bane of all Kages, the undefeatable enemy of all leaders: paperwork.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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Get Invited! News All News Releases 0.A 13 year old, brown haired girl wearing a green dress and black sneakers was frolicking through the flower fields. She leaned down and smiled while sniffing some of the new flowers of the field.

She had been here enough times to memorize anything new around. She saw these flowers had been pollinated in the last week, meaning some hive must have been built without her knowing. She knew how dangerous bee pokemon could act around humans, so she needed to be cautious and try to stay low while looking around. She moved down the dirt path while looking around. As she reached the end of the road, she spotted a small hole near a cliff that overlooked the field.

She crept near the hole to take a quick look inside. The shape of it seemed like it was big enough for her, but it was pitch black inside. It was tiny, so she had to crawl on her hands and knees without hitting the top. Which was hard since she would occasionally bump her head or knee.

It started sounding louder and some kind of pained cry. Being a person of a kind nature, she headed towards the sound in concern.

female birth fanfiction

She soon got close to where some light from a hole up in the corner gave some light and she spotted a Weedle. Maya slowed down a bit as she starts to approach it. It seemed to be crying and had a small wound around the bottom of its belly. She inched closer and held her palm out. It was a bit of a struggle from the small space, but she brought out a oran berry. She brought it close to the bug type.

It moved closer and started slowly gnawing at the side of it. It recognized the taste of it and started eating more quickly.Regina rubbed her lower back and then passed a soothing hand over her protruding abdomen with a smile lost in a mix of memories and wishes.

The baby in her womb should have never been possible for at least a dozen different reasons. However, the top two were why she smiled since the first moment she had learned.

She had been told, as a young woman, that she could never bear a child. The devastation came after Leopold's albeit unwelcome advances hadn't produced a child in the first year. An old midwife had broken the news to her after the humiliating examination. Terrified of the dreams of murdering Snow already crowding her sleepless days and nights, Regina had been almost relieved. But as the years wore on, first the woodcutter's children, and then young Owen, the urge to mother had grown until she'd begged Gold to find her a child.

He'd brought her Henry. And she'd thought there could be nothing greater. However, the second, and more astonishing reason she had smiled upon learning of her pregnancy, was the indisputable revelation that this had to be a child of true love. Regina hadn't slept with anyone but Graham since coming to Storybrooke — until Emma Swan and a cold bedroll where they'd commiserated and comforted one another regarding their lost son.

Melding their magic to save Henry had saved his life — and created a new life. Even if Emma never believed, it was enough that Regina knew the truth.

Regina winced as the baby twisted and she remembered trying to share the good news with Emma. She cupped her hand over the baby's kicking feet and rubbed in soothing circles. Henry was in school and then, afterward, headed to the stables to meet up with his grandfather, David. Ruby was due by with Regina's takeout from Granny's around 6 pm. Regina would sigh, then smile whenever the craving hit — a burger piled high with onions and mushrooms and swiss cheese, smothered in gravy.

It was so Emma Swan that it left Regina with no doubt who had 'fathered' her baby. Emma rang the doorbell at Mifflin as she held a bag of Granny's takeout. Ruby had pressed it on her when the diner was suddenly packed just as the waitress had been preparing to take the meal to the mansion. Flutters of both anxiety and anticipation battled for control of her stomach and Emma pressed her free hand against it.

She drove by this place every patrol route, at least three or four times a night, looking up at the second floor windows — the one that remained on until nearly two or three a. She often saw Regina's silhouette pacing, had watched the silhouette grow over the months, until Regina was often arching her back, pressing away pain with every step. Emma had constantly battled the desire to leap at the trellis and scramble up it into Regina's bedroom and soothe away every ache, every pain… She remembered all too intimately the feel of Regina's body curling into hers in Neverland.

The feel of lips mutually kissing away worried tears under the darkness of night. The sound of her name on Regina's lips whispered reverently as she came undone with Emma's touch…. Fuck, Emma thought, feeling miserable.Ooh, I guess you thought I couldn't speak for myself, did you? Well I can! Take that, Rikana! Anyway, this chapter was written wayyyyy after we started writing this thing again. Like, eighteen chapters afterward.

Anywho, because this was written so late, you'll notice it is significantly better than the next four chapters. That is because we wrote the next four chapters when we were eleven years old. Currently, it has been four years since then. If you enjoy this chapter, just hold out through the next ones. The writing will improve. Until then, enjoy the story! Oh, and ignore the coming chat speak. It will disappear. Ta ta! The words had never meant anything to her before. It was what her mother had used to explain the strange behaviors of birds and dogs, when she was young.

Never once did she think that those simple words would one day change every aspect of her life. She didn't know that she would fall in love with a hanyou dog demon, who, in turn, would fall under the spell of that very time—"mating season.

She had succumbed to Inuyasha just one day, to ease his pain. He had avoided her for so long, even she had begun to suffer. Kagome had assumed that nothing more could happen to them, after Naraku had fallen. She allowed Inuyasha to take her, only once. It was because of mating season that she now found herself in agony, self-exiled from her friends, and the century she had called another home.

The girl had long since made up her mind to give birth, alone. Five yearsshe had told them. I'll come back in five years. And don't you dare come after me, Inuyasha. Her mother had explained to her teachers that it had been rape—she told her school friends the same. That lie took some of the shock from her situation. She wouldn't attend classes while she worked through her "difficult time. Higurashi worked swiftly by her bedside, doing what she could to prepare for the last stage of her daughter's labor.

Kagome was thankful, though she could hardly think through her pain. Even so, she hadn't even considered going to a hospital. She hadn't once, even when she found out she was with child.

If there was anything unnatural about her baby, she didn't want a doctor to know. The girl was convinced they would try to test on her, or try to terminate the pregnancy.

female birth fanfiction

She didn't want to take any chances.

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