Carrier furnace rebate

Carrier is a leader in high-tech HVAC solutions and is known worldwide for its quality, performance and innovation. According to Consumer Reports Carrier is considered to be one of the highest rated air conditioning products on the market. With a strong core set of values, Carrier believes in producing quality products at a reasonable price, as well as providing their customers excellent service and helping them choose a product that is right for them.

If you are looking for a quality product, built by a well respected company then Carrier central air conditioners could be the choice for you.

Other brands in the same quality tier include: TraneLennoxand American Standard. All Carrier AC units in the table below were factored with the most common home central ac size of 2. While this is the most common size, it does not include a furnace, air handler or any other components. All ac units are matched to an evaporator coil, but in order to get the advertised seer ratings, they may need to be matched to the correct furnace or air handler as well.

Carrier’s 2019 Cool Cash Rebate

The table below represents the different size Carrier central air units available for the most common home installations. The cooling area is an estimate, based on the average size area it will cool. The only way to know which size you need in your home is to have a load calculation performed on your home by a Carrier Expert, who will measure the heat loss of your home and size the unit to your needs.

In many cases, your current AC size is going to replaced for a similar sized unit. The table below contains actual prices submitted to us by Carrier air conditioner owners, or customers who have agreed to share the cost they paid for their Carrier system. If you own a Carrier system, please consider sharing the price with future visitors. When purchasing your new central ac system, it never hurts to review all savings opportunities you may be eligible for.

In addition to specific units qualifying for both federal and state tax credits, Carrier offers attractive financing and rebate offers on specific units. The links to each is listed below. The list of units below are the current models available at Carrier in To learn more about each unit, read more on the Carrier Central Air Conditioners page of their website.

Carrier Inc, is a part of United Technologies Corp. Their customer service department can be reached at: Carrierand they are available daily from 8am to 6pm EST. Carrier has one of the highest quality ratings, due to using factory trained and qualified contractors to sell and install all their equipment. Carrier contractors have the Carrier Expert Certificationwhich meets or exceeds the highest standards when it comes to installation, service and repair of Carrier products.

Page Updated to include pricing for home systems. Sections Page Contents.We encourage you to submit your rebate application online. Thank you for your patience. As long as the characters before and after the asterisk match your model number, your model is eligible.

Furnace Manufacturer Connected Thermostats. Work with your contractor to complete, in full, the furnace rebate application and commissioning sheet:. See the sample invoice for specific requirements. Contractors are required to agree to terms and conditions and comply with requirements in the High-efficiency furnace installation guide for existing houses.

For advice on options and incentives for energy-efficiency upgrades for homes, contact the CleanBC Energy Coach. Energy Coaches are trained energy-efficiency specialists who provide building-science based information about the options and opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of your home or building.

Note: FortisBC is not responsible for any advice provided by the energy coach. As we work to continuously improve our programs, we will be asking a small percentage of applicants to provide us with access to their home to verify the installation and operation of the new furnace. This work is being carried out by a third-party contractor called Ecolighten Energy Solutions. The site visit may be conducted either in-person or virtually using an app such as FaceTime or Google Hangouts.

Ecolighten staff will always call in advance to book a site visit appointment with you. Having your high-efficiency heating system installed to quality standards can help provide you with years of comfort and energy savings. Check out these resources to learn more:. Window and door rebates. Heat pump rebate. Heat pump water heater rebate. Home renovation bonus rebates.

Carrier Gas Furnace Maintenance Check-Up

Insulation rebates. Natural gas boiler and combination heating and hot water system rebates. Natural gas fireplace rebate.Gas Furnace Guide. When you are looking for optimum efficiency in your gas heating system, consider that Carrier gas furnaces are one of the highest rated gas furnaces you will find! As we all know, the only thing better than saving money with a high efficiency Carrier gas furnace, is knowing you have the highly trusted backing of a company like Carrier!

Carrier has been around for over years and is a world leader in not only heating, but air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Dedicated to the creation of environmentally friendly products that preserve our natural resources, Carrier cares very much about the environment and takes that into consideration with all of their products. Our growing list of Carrier furnace prices is compiled from submissions of visitors just like yourself, via the gas furnace prices page on our website.

If you have recently been quoted or had a Carrier gas furnace price estimate given, please consider submitting the cost to us for inclusion on the price list.

It is not currently active.

carrier furnace rebate

Home About Contact Buying Guides. Carrier Gas Furnaces When you are looking for optimum efficiency in your gas heating system, consider that Carrier gas furnaces are one of the highest rated gas furnaces you will find!

List of Carrier Gas Furnace Prices Our growing list of Carrier furnace prices is compiled from submissions of visitors just like yourself, via the gas furnace prices page on our website.

Comparison of Gas Furnaces vs Heat Pump Systems Deciding whether to install a gas furnace or heat pump into your home, starts with knowing the which. Gas Furnace Features and Comparisons to Help Understand Pricing and Comfort Many people wonder what kinds of features to look for in a new gas furnace.

As you start. Gas Furnace Inspection and Seasonal Furnace Maintenance Checklist In case you missed it, one of the hottest summer seasons on record is finally winding down and.Contact your local participating Carrier dealer for more information on rebates or special financing offers.

Limited offer for qualified buyers. See your local dealer for additional information. Applicable promotion dates may vary by region. Carrier offers flexible financing with approved credit. To learn more about special financing promotions, contact your local Carrier expert.

Natural gas furnace rebates

Having troubles with the site? Click Here. Repeat these steps if you are entering multiple products. Once you've entered all product information click NEXT in the lower right hand corner to continue.

Carrier Central Air Conditioner Prices | 2020 Buying Guide

Serial Number. Click the red 'X' next to the products above to remove them from the list. When finished adding products, click Next. Please provide your information to ensure your rebate is processed and sent to the correct address. Please include your email address to receive your rebate confirmation number.

carrier furnace rebate

Address Line 2. If the rebate amount is correct, please review your contact information and submit your claim. If this is incorrect, please use the navigation buttons below to go back and update your rebate information, or contact your dealer for help.

Dealership Name. City, State. Sales Person. Sale Date. Install Date.We are all looking for ways to save money or stretch our budget—and rebates are a great way to do that! The promotion offers homeowners a rebate for purchasing a qualifying Carrier system or a qualifying unit and control. That means if you are looking to upgrade your HVAC system, you could be eligible to get some money back.

Offer is valid through June 30, In order to qualify, you must purchase an approved system between now and June Contact us to learn more! A product with a higher SEER rating is more energy-efficient and will get you a higher rebate. Make sure you are purchasing a system that has a qualifying SEER rating, not just a unit.

Replacing only the outdoor unit and leaving the existing evaporator coil will provide an unknown efficiency level, which would disqualify you for any utility rebates and Cool Cash. Whether you need a new air conditioner installation or heating system replacement, you can trust that the skilled specialists at Greens Energy Services will perform the job right the first time, every time. Our goal is to find you the best heating and cooling deals around, which is why we are a Carrier dealer.

Contact our heating and cooling specialists today to learn how Greens Energy Services can bring cooling comfort to your home in Central Florida! Need Service?

Schedule Service. How Do I Qualify? Request Service Now. Learn About Our Financing Offers. We had a few different companies and quotes come to our home prior to bringing in Greens Energy. The tech, George, who came out was very knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. I couldn't have asked for better service.

Recognized the machine was under warranty before replacing parts on the unit. Solved the problem efficiently and effectively. My daughter said the crew was outstanding.Ontario homeowners can get Government of Canada grants for a new furnace when they replace heating equipment.

See Ontario Rebate List for details. Click here. Ontario homeowner s can choose from a shopping list of renovation grant s from the Government of Canada :. Each Ontario home has its own specific energy - savings needs, and yours is no different. The right renovation s add up to big savings. When you improve your home in Ontario, you make a difference to the rest of the world. Click here to learn how Ontario homeowner s like you are saving thousands of dollars and tonnes of greenhouse gases every year, by making the right energy - saving home renovations.

Ontario homeowners can make a difference. Learn more about Renovation Rebates in Ontario To qualify you need an Ontario home energy audit before your renovation s. Used under licence. Furnaces Estimate cost of your furnace project, click here Find pre-screened contractors, click here More information on furnaces, click here.

Your tax - free grant money will be sent within 90 days of your follow - up energy audit. Click here for more. Home Renovation s — Windows, doors, insulation, and air sealing Equipment — Furnaces, air conditioners, hot water heaters, boilers, heat pumps, geothermal heating, solar panel hot water systems, HRV, low - flush toilets, and more You will receive grants for improvement s started after your first audit. Renovation s — You can complete the improvement s yourself or hire an Ontario contractor.

We recommend you retain copies of all documentation including invoices, receipts, photos and product literature to be sure you get full credit for all improvement s. Use the opportunity to complete as many upgrades as possible.

Once a newly built home has been occupied for more than six months, there is no limit to how old a home can be to qualify for Canada eco ENERGY rebate s. Pay special attention to the placement of vapour barriers when adding insulation to the building envelope. Higher efficiency — To qualify for Government of Canada eco ENERGY grants, any new equipment installed in your Ontario home must have a higher efficiency than that of the original equipment it replaces. Questions about eligibility — If you are not certain about the eligibility of your Ontario house, or any specific renovation s you are planning, you should request clarification from the Government of Canada.

Homeowner s are responsible for clarifying that their house and planned improvement s are eligible for government grants and rebates before undertaking any upgrade work and related expenses. You are not required to carry out a renovation to your Ontario home to receive the Ontario Home Energy Audit rebate.

Your advisor applies for the Ontario Home Energy Audit rebate on your behalf. Your advisor — will apply for Canada eco ENERGY grants on your behalf, after you have completed your energy - efficient renovation s and your Ontario home has been re - assessed.

You have until March 31, to make some or all of the improvement s your advisor recommends for your Ontario home, and complete a second audit. Greater comfort — Your home will be warmer in Ontario winters, cooler in Ontario summers. Simpler home maintenance — No more scrubbing moldy windowsills! Keep airborne dust and dirt outside where it belongs. Homeowner Stories. Toronto furnace, air conditioner, windows. Barrie hot water, basement insulation. London furnace, central, insulation. Energy Grant News.

Ontario Rebate s. Energy Renovation.Wondering if your old air conditioner is gong to make it through another summer? And your savings may continue down the line because an efficienthome comfort system by Carrier can reduce your energy bills through the life of your system. But don't wait, Cool Cash rebates are available only for a limited time. Carrier has a complete line of home cooling products to keep your family comfortable through the summer without burning your budget.

With smart temperature management and remote access options, it's easier than ever to control your home's climate.

Carrier energy-efficient systems can help reduce utility bills without sacrificing comfort and they include a parts limited warranty of up to 10 years. System must be installed by July 31st, Rebate amounts vary depending on equipment purchased.

Not valid on prior purchases or in conjunction with other offers; some restrictions may apply. Warranty period is five years if not registered in 90 days.

Jurisdictions where warranty restrictions are not allowed automatically receive a year parts warranty.

carrier furnace rebate

See warranty certificate at carrier. Follow Us x. Stay Comfortable with Carrier.

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